2021/22 Tryout Information

The OVA tryout period opens on Aug 16th. Until indoor facilities become available, Cubs tryouts will take place on outdoor grass courts set-up in the Barrie area.

Tryouts will begin in late August and continue into mid-September. To comply with OVA rules, offers to players cannot be made until the week of Sept 22nd.

Many of our teams are already filled with returning players, so only a relatively small number of spots are available. 

Refer to the table below for details and click on the link to register.

Coaches will reach out to the players who register to provide them with the time and location for their team.

Tryouts 2021.jpg

Before attending tryouts, all athletes who were not OVA members last season must be registered in the Ontario Volleyball MRS system as a Try-Out Player. Please click the link below to create an MRS account.